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Loans against Shares
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 Brief explanation on some of the financial products we deal in:
 Financial Product
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 Salient features
Inter Corporate Deposits
Meduim and Large Corporates
Cash Surplus Copmpanies
Short Term Deposit from a company to company at a pre-determined rate of interest
Loans against Shares
Companies, Promoters and Investors of the said shares
Cash-surplus Corporates and High Networth Individuals
Loans and deposits at an agreed rate of interest and secured through pledge of actively traded equity shares in demat form with financiers
Bills Discounting
Small and Meduim enterpreuners suppliers to Larger reputed companies
Cash-rich corporates, High Networth Individuals, Non-Banking Finance Companies and Banks
Bills of Exchange discounting offers immediate liquidity to the supplier from discounting party (financier) at a discount to the B/E amount and repayment is made by the acceptor on due date to the discounting party
Promissory Note Discounting
Companies to meet immediate short term financing requirements
Cash-rich Companies and High Networth Individuals
Promissory Notes are issued by companies to investors at a discount and are honoured on due date at the face value.
Factoring Facility
Enterprise looking to raise funds against outstanding receivables
Factoring Companies, Banks and Institutions
Factor purchases receivables at a discount with recourse to the supplier

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